Do you want to use content from on your own site? Do you want to translate its content into another language or make other alterations?

That is absolutely fine! 👍's content is available through a Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike 4.0 licence ( You can use content from in your own works, as long as you include a credit to somewhere and share your work under the same licence.


I'm mentioning this because people have asked about doing a more techy advanced version of the site, and others have asked about translations into other languages.

I can't do those things myself, but the content is libre so if anyone wants to build on it to make something new that's great 👏 :blobcheer:

@switchingsocial just had a look at your site, was surprised not see Wire listed as a WhatsApp alt.

@avndp @switchingsocial I thought the point was privacy respecting services? Signal isn’t open source, is it?

@kev @switchingsocial @avndp @uwehermann It is open source, but it's just exceptionally difficult to make a working fork due to a catch 22 situation.

@bob @kev @uwehermann @avndp

I'm not 100% comfortable listing Signal to be honest, but it's easy to use, widely supported and aimed at end users. It's at least a better option than Whatsapp, FB Messenger etc.


@switchingsocial @bob @kev @uwehermann @avndp IMO, Signal app should be in every phone capable. No it's not ideal, but at least it claims to encrypt everything ETE, and it's just as easy to use as the default text message and audio/video options. It's cross-platform iMessage.

@switchingsocial @bob @kev @uwehermann @avndp I should clarify that this would be the starting point. I think this is the quickest win for maximizing the number of people using envelopes rather that just sending postcards.

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