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rant re: Facebook 

Facebook could face fines “into the millions of dollars” if found to have violated a 2011 consent decree.

According to its own reporting, Facebook had $4,268,000,000 of net income in the 4th quarter of 2017. Does anyone think a fine “into the millions” is a big enough stick here?

Problem: Facebook is now being scrutinized because “personal data of users was obtained...and used to help elect President Donald Trump.”

Note: Facebook needs to be scrutinized for the way(s) it obtains and uses/profits from user data.

Surveillance capitalism 

Has anyone ever dug into their Microsoft account “Privacy Dashboard”? There is a section aptly named “Cortana’s Notebook”!!

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Why is Vero getting attention all of a sudden when Mastodon is clearly 100% the best?

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All instances hosted by are now running version 2.2.0 of Mastodon 🐘

Question: Why is installing from “unknown sources” such a taboo thing on ? Isn’t this basically the same as installing or on any desktop PC?

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An old (May 2007) MacBook 2,1 and a Dell Inspiron 1525 are posted for sale. Are they worth $40 apiece, the MacBook for libreboot experience and the other for general use?

Mozilla keep trumpeting about how much work went into making fast again, when all they really had to do was disable reader view. Seriously, anyone else try disabling this? What was your experience?

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What I'm saying is that we should focus on extending the useful life of our technology.

We have companies actively fighting against this. The companies that make are things make them to fail.

The companies that make our web services make them to require newer faster computers.

I spent half an hour today tooling around with the same Galaxy sIII and a google cardboard kit.

It was fun! There were some great games! I enjoyed it.

That's a 6 year old phone, $2 in cardboard, and $2 in plastic

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Ultimately, Google Cardboard will never be more than a simple toy, in a tech space full of $3-5k hardware.

But without that simple toy, who would be taking the $4k hardware?

Would anyone care, if they didn't have this $15 gateway?

We have a bunch of old phones, and old computers, and old tablets and laptops sitting in drawers and closets and basements.

This phone from 2012 could still make magic in 2015. Can still make magic in 2018. But it's sitting unused.

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Eventually, we'll get in to what is represented by Virtual Reality as a medium, because I have Thoughts.

But right now, I want to focus on the fact that old tech and cheap tech and low-tech is valuable, viable, valid, and other v-words.

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I didn't talk about this earlier, when I shared this image, so I'ma share it again and talk about it.

This is my friend Jon experiencing virtual reality for the first time. This photo was taken in my record store in 2015 or so.

He's using a $5 hunk of cardboard and plastic that I bought from a blisterpack at the corner store, and a Galaxy S3, which was already old enough that people were throwing them away (this was my step fathers.)

There's some stuff to unpack.

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Interesting... several functionalities of separate privacy extensions, packed into one, plus website rating.

Would like to hear some opinions about this and if it is worth the change.


My son, the expert grazer, finishes 1/3 slice of pizza and declares “My tummy says it’s happy and I ate a LOT of pizza!”

On a Mac, what are some good browsers out there not named Safari, not forked from Firefox and not forked from (or a wrapper for) Chromium/Electron?

I attempted installing LineageOS on an older LG phone. ~3 hours later and nothing to show for it. Did I even successfully root it? Was I using adb correctly?

I definitely don't think this is in the realm of the impossible, but simpler (and ready-out-of-the-box) alternatives are desperately needed if we want to combat Google/Apple/etc. and their stranglehold on mobile computing.

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